Fried Chinese Dumplings

These fried dumplings aren't as classic as steamed dumplings (but classic certainly doesn't mean better)!we thought this request was delicious, and surprisingly easy! Lucy: These dumplings are just what you would think of when you are at a five star Chinese restaurant. The wanton wrapper was perfectly crispy and the meat, nice and juicy. The only … Continue reading Fried Chinese Dumplings

Apple Oatmeal CookieS

It seems like it's winter again-but who knows what tomorrow will bring- and these ridiculously moist apple Oatmeal Cookies are just what you need! You can watch how to make this recipe here: Lucy: When you first hear "oatmeal cookies", you think "healthy"... not always the best. But these cookies are the best " healthy" cookies … Continue reading Apple Oatmeal CookieS

Pumpkin Brownies!

Lucy made some delicious                 PUMPKIN brownies the other day! While it's not exactly pumpkin season, they were so good we just had to share them with you! You can watch how to make this recipe here: Lucy: Brownies are one of my favorite desserts, you can have it with … Continue reading Pumpkin Brownies!